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Embedded Micro PC Command Control Communication
This page last updated: December 21, 2012
December 2016 both my XP computer power supplies failed. December 2017 my laptop - my only working computer - failed. Merry Christmas
as of December 2017

Operate Arduino microcontrollers wirelessly from a PC using an XBee, or locally using an IR remote to control HO train accessories. During 2016 all the code that uses servos will be changed to use attach and detach so the servos will only be signalled while being used as this seems to eliminate the 'glitching' problems that nothing else has. Hardware and software setup and notes that are common to all projects and direct links to the individual projects are here. If that is what you are looking for, then go there; to learn about DCC controlled Arduino HO animation read geoffb's blog on Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine and my DCC devolution; all that follows is sundry satire. EMPCCCC layout construction implementation and weathering of locomotive, cars, and structures are provided. Project building instructions with multiple large photos are in the individual project html. Project action is demonstrated at the HO train Hobby YouTube video channel. Arduino micro-controller operation code, and Delphi 5 PC Command Control Communication Code are zipped on the SourceForge files page - per project. Arduino and Delphi are the copyrighted-trademarked names of the programs the source code is written in, not endorsements of or by these EMPCCCC projects. Mobile Missile Launchers was-is the EMPCCCC project ... everything else collated around it. Finished construction and detailed weathering are delayed due to people destroying the layout at multiple times. There has been reconstruction destruction and thus restricted desire to do final finishing to the scenery and moving objects .. they are made to the -it works- stage and detailed finishing is left for infinity and beyond.

While there are references cited such as Wikipedia and Google maps, be aware 1984 was 30 years ago. YMMV. I do not know who did 9/11, I do know the military loved being given the 'power' and having all the safeguards removed. Original DIA NSA mandate was No gathering of US intel. The inteligence branches were created to be separate with different areas of focus. The US gave Iraq WMD in the 80s, so of course they had them in the 2011.

Overview of this and other programming projects

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