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Oil Tanker Ship Building instructions

Oil Tanker Ship

Great Lakes Tanker Waterline Plastic Model Kit (1/87 scale) 56" X 6" $389
deansmarine - RC Ship
Tanker: Liz Terkol Scale 1/96 Length 905mm (35.6") Beam 150mm $429.35
Tanker: Rix Harrier Scale 1/50 Length 915mm Beam 195mm $446.12
Tanker Hull only :Length 69.5" Beam 12" Moulded depth 5.5" 123.06 = $184.59... Plus shipping...

http://wikipedia Marine_loading_arm

The tanker unloader looks to be able to be bashed from 1/2" copper pipe and be the correct scale. a bunch of right angles joined together as bends and 6" interconnects. A base section w/bend connect to a T bend (lower part goes down as a counterweight), one up, bend-bend, one down and a widget curlicue on the end to connect to the ship (Curlicue might be a 60 and 2 90s closely mounted OR foam tubing). Large pulleys at the bends connected with cables to control the rotation. Pulleys can be made with a door hole saw which cuts ~2" circles from 1/4" plywood, then drill out the middle with a 1/2" drill. ( i used 35mm film container caps from Seattle filmworks, as they are defunct it would be hard to duplicate, especially since they changed the cap style) 3/8 surgical tubing would fit inside the copper pipe and allow actual fluid transfer. aka RC plane fuel tank in tanker and a pump. Each of 4..6 tanker arms: Copper pipe, 1T, 3 90 degree bends, 1 Curlicue w/end cap connection.

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