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This page last updated: December 21, 2012 as of January 2018

Rotary Dumper Building instructions

TL;DR : Coal dumpers need an H bridge underneath to raise and lower the clamps. Coal dumpers are made different than the wood chip dumpers as they are shorter - cut off the parts along the scored lines. I added styrene to the top of the coal cars so they can be used and have locomotives drive though instead of doing the motorized H bridge and cutting the height - they are shorter than wood chip dumpers - to fit the coal gondolas. Superglue something that has a hex screw in it to the plastic gear so the gear can be easily repositioned. Stretch out the springs so they are 'stronger' and hold the coal cars upside down.


Recheck 2011sep9
measurer was 10g, subtracted from weight
8g -unpainted, sieved for big grains only
10g -unpainted, sieved for big grains only
10g -large grained mix: light paint coat
16g large dark
18 small grained dark
there was some variance .. over a Third!

30 fl oz plastic Miracle whip jar holds 4 cups = 5 cars [When did a quart become 30 oz?]
20 cars = 4 jars
100 cars = 20 jars

So how much can the ship hold... TBD .. estimates follow, given 1 foot of ship : 6" fore and aft are not holds - contain the conveyor etc...
a jar is 6" tall and 3.5 diameter, so make that 4" length and ship wide per 'hold' : 3 jars per foot, a resin 3' ship {258' long freighter}($295+) would hold ~ 6 jars : 30 cars
each additional 10" resin sections ($64+) ... 12..15 cars
plastic 6' ship ($389+) : 5x3=15 x5= 75 cars

As it turns out the ship will be built - not a kit. Based on a 36" conveyor that will be 9 hopper holds. Each hopper hold of the ship can hold less than 1 jar. Estimate about 8 jars so that would be 40 cars ... make it 2 20 car sections.

The rotary dumper takes about 30 seconds to dump a car, it takes a lot less time to flood load the cars, this will require a LARGE holding bin between the dumper and the flood loader. A large bin will allow dumping the cars and flood loading at a later time as doing a concurrent operation would be crazy on the flood loader side.
Even going with 20 car train sections, a 4 jar bin that is sloped and has a gate will take up a lot of room between the dumper and the flood loader - there is already a height crunch due to the dumper extending below the track level and the flood loader being about a foot tall - of the 18" distance between the 30" lower and the 48" upper tables. The conveyor between the bin and the flood loader has to angle a little and the coal does not disperse like water - it will mound up and not flow back down without some kind of applied force, thus the need for a sloped bin. See NSmodeler24 videos for examples.

As of 2017August : Plan is to overfill the bins (side hoods added) - to hold 48 cars of coal. Multi loco unit trains driven as slow as necessary to be floodloaded. OK well actually make it 24 car unit trains. Only problem is the need for another 24 cars using Paul Mack couplers and 48 cars using Glatzl and they are not made anymore.

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