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This page last updated: December 21, 2012
Both XP power supplies died on December 16, 2016
as of September 2017

Rotary Dumper Building instructions ... As of July 2017 neither Paul Mack nor Glatzl rotary couplers from Sergent Engineering are being produced and sold. No rotary couplers : No reason to make rotary dumpers. R1-Rotary-dumper-kit Latest Rotary-dumper-kit

Walthers Rotary Dumper...#933-3145 'original' and #933-3903 'Wood chip' version . The plastic is the same, just different colors (Tan base, Red or dark Green dumper). If you had two you could mix and match the parts and have it all Christmassy.

Latest Rotary-dumper-kit closeup
Closeup to see lines to cut on to make a 'Coal' length rotary dumper. The latest version (Wood chip) does NOT have instructions on where and how to cut-modify the kit for Coal length-height cars. Modifying the length is simply cutting off the ends of things - they are mostly pre-scored (Coal version Base and dumper floor is shorter in length, the dumper itself is the same). The clamp height is adjusted by cutting off 5/16 inch (8 mm) from the base of the car clamps (at the end where it changes shape). BE ADVISED making the height adjustment means a locomotive will NOT be able to drive through the dumper! ... I am going to modify my coal cars by adding to the top edge to make them the same height as the Wood chip cars (evergreen stripstyrene item 169 .080 x .250").
GP40 cabless RC
[As of 2013 - I will use a B unit locomotive and standard height cars, er no as of 2014 I modified a GP40 to be a RC unit - de-cabbed it, the GP60B units have a dynamic brake that sticks out in the way, the GP40 did not have one so the cab was cut off and there you go.] Two rails will be needed to be glued into the dumper and these will have to be hooked up to the train rail electrical power to enable a locomotive to drive through the dumper.
[As of 2017 - I modified my coal cars by adding to the top edge to make them the same height as the Wood chip cars]

I had one and bought three more. 2 new ones for drive through steel mill. 1 new one for drive through paper plant. I plan to use the old one for the rock barge...

Latest Rotary-dumper-kit Latest Rotary-dumper-kit
Image of wood chip version. The 'front' is to the left. Black lines on the base are where I will cut out the floor (so the coal can fall through) with a Weller 8200-N 100/140 watt soldering iron that has a 'cutting' tip on it : Great for melt-cutting plastic. Measured from the outside edge : leave 1/2 inch and cut 2 5/8 inch deep. Glue metal rods (from coat hangers) underneath to support the supports. Glue plastic at an angle to deflect the coal down the hole. 45 degree at the front , at the back the clamps Must clear and be able to go onto their ramps. Angle up gradually to the back of the rear ramps. Model putty is used to angle along the edges and wherever it seems to fit.
Latest Rotary-dumper-kit base
Building the Rotary Dumpers
Rotary-dumper base
Rotary-dumper switches Rotary-dumper gear
Rotary dumper 2017-7-21
As of 2017 these are the gears used 54 on the servo and the 17 on the shaft. 10 or 9 tooth gears superglued to the plastic kit gears.
Rotary-dumper wired
Version 1
Rotary-dumper-positioner_2016_12_23_back Rotary-dumper-positioner_2016_12_23_front
Back and Front of the board. Can you spot the corrected Errors :)
Note the green wires on the end of the Ardiono - Buy Pro minis with 5 pins on the back Ground and Analog 4,5,6,7. They will be spaced so they can be connected to the board like the other pins making it easier to wire things, Be aware the FTDI board - USB connection is reversed on these type boards - so using a FTDI board it will be upside down compared to most other boards. Observe where GND and DTR are on the boards.
Rotary dumper_2017_03_03_0512 Rotary dumper_2017_03_03_0516

Rotary dumper_2017_03_03_0517 Rotary dumper_2017_03_03_0518

All wires connected to the board // two other boards - rewired.

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