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This page last updated: December 21, 2012 as of Jan 2015

Nuclear Train Building instructions

Nuclear waste containers loading from a nuclear plant ... in transit ... unloading at a recycling operation to convert into depleted uranium ammunition.

Nuclear waste container
when you get up off the floor, realize i modeled this from a newspaper photo 10 years ago that was out of focus and 3"x2" in Black and White.
Nuclear waste containers
Nuclear waste containers
and a easter egg
Nuclear waste containers
I built a fleet of them, all slightly different, the cars are similar, the containers varied quite a bit. As of Sep 2011 there is a commercial model, very good photos and videos available.
Nuclear waste containers
Nuclear waste containers
and a couple more - a little one and normal sized with a wire on top that is used to lift to empty at the Waste Recycler - Ammo maunufacturing plant
Nuclear waste containers
Nuclear waste containers
2 types of Long cylinder containers

Nuclear crane
An Athearn crane is at the bottom, next up is a Bachman with its attendant car above it to the right... notice it is smaller and does not have the inner hook animated. Upper left is an unassembled Athearn crane, There is an IHC crane - similar to the Bachman, on site. So I bought another Athearn kit on EBay. 3 Athearn and 1 Bachman will be motorized, the IHC crane will be left in place on the layout - non motorized unloading the nuclear canisters. diarama like.

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