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This page last updated: December 21, 2012 as of December 2017

EMPCCCC Hardware and Software setup, followed by links to project instructions

mmlMissile car 2013_02_05 006
The shipping antistatic plastic is under the XBee USB board which is bolted to the cardboard container (Hexbug larva). The container thus provides protection from static electricity, rough handling and the dome protects the XBee wire antenna. The wire antennae is kinda delicate, the solder might have wicked up the wire so be carefull bending it. Rather than standing straight up, if it is stiff at the base just loop it upwards with the base almost horizontal until it bends easier. Dunno if the wire even needs to be bent up... it would seem it would change its omnidirectional direction.

hsnotes 2015-03-31
Making Connecting Cable (background) for panels and things is easier using crimp type connectors (on the right) rather than the ones with little solder points really close together (on the left).

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