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This page last updated: December 21, 2012 as of February 2017

Rotary Dumper Steel mill : coal Building instructions

Walthers rotary dumper steel mill 2017-2-5

Coal in train cars from mine floodloader is transported up and delivered to be rotary dumped into conveyor into ship loader into ship. Ship sails to distant port. Then the ships conveyor unloads at dock into conveyor-flood loader that loads train cars for delivery to steel mill rotary dumper and from there the coal is conveyored down into the mine flood loader.

Rotary Dumper Steel mill 3 Rotary Dumper Steel mill 6
Chrome cars must have corner removed and the paint scraped off. Black cars seem to be black plastic so only the corners have to be removed. Glue on the rails and paint to match the car.
Rotary Dumper Steel mill 7
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