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This page last updated: December 21, 2012 as of December 2017


Incoming material cars: Coal, limestone, iron ore

Coal cars will be rotary dumped for the Coke plant. Limestone hoppers, steel scrap gondolas, and Walthers 24' iron ore cars are ... TBD.

Steel mill internal use cars: not yet all detailed nor 'weathered'

Steel mill Hot Metal cars
Walthers Hot metal car kit with LEDs inside to make a sparling glow... You Tube video
Assembling a kit : make sure the trucks have the smooth on the top against the platform - Not the side with the 2 rails (they come apart - especially when changing the plastic wheels to Interrmountain metal wheels). The trunnions go so they are captured between the mount and the bottle. The one with the thin rail goes so it is on the outside of the mount - away from the bottle (see above for error of putting it inside the mount and it allows the trunnion to slide towards the bottle). The thick rail goes inside the mount-box so the cylinder stop can engage the trunnion. There is no-very little space where the trunnion goes into the bottle. As they are painted - they have a very tight fit, drop glue down on the trunnion from inside the bottle rather than trying to put glue on the trunnion and have it glue itself to the mounts. Drill out the wire mounting holes as they get congested when glueing the parts together.

Plastruct HO Scale Hot Metal Bottle Car Kit Ryobi drill press and Dremel Moto saw
Plastruct HO Scale Hot Metal Bottle Car Kit // Ryobi drill press and Dremel Moto saw
Left: Bottle Car Kit : Might be a while before this becomes 2 cars... there are not any wheels, trucks, couplers, nor sundry small parts included... there is a lot of plastic. The end result is supposed to look like the Walthers car. Instructions are the Dean Freytag article "Modeling a bottle car" from RMC November 1994. In twenty years the hobby has gone from being amazed at Plastruct assembing and selling Freytags' 'kit' to Walthers kits to Walthers RTR already assembled to ... ?Gold should be released soon as the RTR have been sold out for some time Platinum? ... we should be on by now ... DCC controlled lighting and motorized bottle turning.
Right: Ryobi drill press and Dremel Moto saw : ended up 'needing' these to accurately drill and cut the plastic.

Plastruct Bottle Car 2 Plastruct Bottle Car 3
2013 Simplified : Atlas super saw - razor saw and plastic cutting scissors. Bachmann depressed center flat car and plans for the 'skull' to make the opening 'correct'. The bottle was drilled wrong at first so the hole extends sideways instead of only perpendicular to the rotation axis. The parts are arranged from the cone, the part that is glued to it, the part glued inside that, [missing the wall to hold it in place], the white part gets glued into from both sides, the long tube is my 'trunnion'. It will go from the bottle mount and pass though a mid box retaining hole and rest inside and against the back wall of the box. All this should secure the bottle in place and allow rotation. Plan is to have a box on both ends, rather than one end having a visible trunion.

Plastruct Bottle Car 4 Plastruct Bottle Car 5
Traced-modified Walthers Mounts cut from the kits' 0.060 plastic. Not built quite to Freytag-Plastruct instructions. Assortment of bottle cars Clockwise from upper left : 2 Plastruct kits, 2 stock Walthers wo/w lights, 1 State Tool & Die, and below are 2 extended Walthers with lights. The white plastic 1.5" tube between them is an example of what was used to lengthen the Walthers kits... You Tube video

Several HO Scale Hot Metal Bottle Car Kits
Several (glowing) HO Scale Hot Metal Bottle Car Kits [front to back: extended Walthers, stock Walthers, State Tool & Die] and things in the background (a 787 pretending to be a 737 and a glowing thing in a containment tube) {front right are some battery operated Christmas tree lights to go in a bottle car and some RC car 7.4 batteries - there for no reason}... You Tube video explanation of contents

State Tool & Die makes a lot of steel mill cars and objects to go in them (they come with Plastic wheels that need to be replaced with Intermountain metal wheels)

Steel mill Bottle car
Basic 4-Truck Hot Metal/Bottle Car - Kit : Kadee #58 couplers - Plastic wheels (the top is not glued on so it can be pulled off and battery operated Christmas tree lights can be shoved in there)

75-Ton Hot Metal Car
Pollock 75-Ton Hot Metal Car - Kit : Kadee #58 couplers - Plastic wheels ; included are wires to make grab ons and tubing, even some small chain and hooks

Hot Metal Car
3-in-1 Open Top Hot Metal Car - Kit -- With Extended Ladle & Add-On Wings : Kadee #58 couplers - Plastic wheels ; included are wires to make grab ons and tubing, even some small chain and hooks

Steel mill car carriers
All the wires and stuff on one and some on another - not painted so they are very visible

The bottle cars transport pig iron from the blast furnace to the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF). The ladle cars transport from the BOF to the casting house where ingots are poured. Ingots are taken to the rolling mill.
Various Ingot cars, ingots, and a lot of other type cars used at a steel mill
Walthers Coke-Service High-Side Two-Bay Hopper : Hauling coke from the ovens to the blast furnaces is what these cars do best. Converted from older 36' two-bay hoppers, they feature side and end extensions. Since they are out of stock - there are similar hoppers made for pulp wood.

Steel mill Slag cars
Walthers Slag car kits can be made rotatable by cutting off the stub on part 29 and Not gluing the gear into its drive mechanism (it helps to scrape off the mount and make that area smooth so it can rotate against it easily), nor onto the gear track - It is required to glue the gear into the ladle assembly. The other sides gear is already rotateable along its gear track as long as it is not glued. Good luck trying to get in there to cut the stub on a RTR car. So there will be some cars rotatable and some not so much.

These and many more things sold at : peachcreekshops and industrialmodelshop

Some links to HO Steel mill layouts and photos ... there are many more on the net ...
B&O RR Steel mill Layout
Harrisburg Terminal Railroad : Steel mill Layout
Phil Baggley : PBNE : photos of real steel mill cars
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Outgoing product cars:

Coil cars, it all depends on the type of mill ...


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